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Creme Brûlée Hair Moisturizer and Styling Cream

Creme Brûlée Hair Moisturizer and Styling Cream

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Ultra rich creamy and curly hair moisturizer . Formulated to nourish , moisturize &  add a natural shine to your tresses. Helps to enhance your natural curl pattern . Fortified with silk amino acids to help strengthen  your hair and prevent breakage .No synthetic ingredients , ever . Handcrafted  and made fresh daily.  Heat protectant during blow dry and thermal styling .  Safe and effective for adults and children alike.

Ingredients:  Water(H2O) Silk Amino acids(derived from plants) jojoba oil(Simmondsia chinensis) sweet almond oil(Prunus dulcis) Vitamin E(tocopherol) carnauba wax(Copernicia prunifera)soybean wax(Glycine max)shea butter(Vitellaria paradoxa) chamomile essential oil(Matricaria chamomilla) lavender essential oil(Lavandula)

Formulated by a cosmetologist .

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